Our Aims

Our Aim & ultimate objective is to honour our respected customer’s satisfaction through continual improvement of our research based medicines on the basis of ancient concept of Ayurveda in the light of Modern understanding.

We commit to make nature’s best and precious life sustaining herbal medicines to heal body ailments. Our research centre takes special care in the development of herbal products, which suits to body & soul and ensures high quality exceptional benefits to our privileged customers.

Hakim Tilak Raj Kapoor Hospital is an institution of like mind people associated together with the natural family like bond of trust , faith and love for each other .we believe in exploring of traditional rellcs and derive pleasure and satisfaction in the perfection of a good job done. Thus we proudly say “TRUST US, WE LOVE NATURE, WE BELIEVE IN NATURE “.

Normally we have a mindset that Ayurvedic And Herbal Medicines means very slow acting remedy. In Ancient days the Rishi-Muni and Vaidyas used to prepare the herbal medicines with currently plucked herbs /juices which used to be highly effective , but with the commercialization people started using stored herbs ,which start loosing their potency, as the time passes. That is why today the efficacy is lower than what it used to be in ancient days. Extract forms of herbs in poly herbal formulation maintain the highest efficacy in lowest profits .

Hakim Tilak Raj Kapoor provides perfect solution for body problems like : STOMACH , LIVER , URINE , PILES , JOINT PAINS ,and others DIABETES , SKIN ,SEX RELATED PROBLEMS and Male & Female Chronic Disorders & Personal Care .